Many people in the Corpus Christi area want to do a little bit more in their backyards than the occasional barbeque. When it comes to outside dining, entertaining guests, and enjoying cooking outdoors, there's nothing like having an outdoor kitchen.

Many people don't think they have the space, time, or budget for an outdoor kitchen. But that's not true. Outdoor kitchens come in every shape and size. You just have to figure out how to go about designing one for your space. Here's how you can get started.

1. Know What You Want from your Outdoor Kitchen

It's never a good idea to jump into outdoor kitchen design without giving a lot of thought to why you want one and how you plan to use it. You want an outdoor kitchen that's functional and provides real value to your home and lifestyle.

An outdoor kitchen can exist all on its own, or it can represent a part of a whole outdoor cooking and dining setup. So what do you want to do with your outdoor kitchen? Answering that question can help you to figure out just how much or how little work you will need to put into your outdoor kitchen design and construction.

2. Know What You Can Do With Your Space and Location

How much space do you have available for an outdoor kitchen? Where do you want your outdoor kitchen located? Your available space dictates what you can and cannot do with your outdoor kitchen.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a space and location:

Smoke from the grill – It can get into your home or a neighbor's home if you don't choose the right location. In addition, it's good to know that Corpus Christi and surrounding areas typically receive frequent southeasterly wind. Keep that in mind when choosing a space.

The amount of travel – You have to consider how far you will have to move between the outside kitchen and where you will serve meals. Just as important is how often you will need to travel from your indoor kitchen to outside.

The view from inside – If you have a nice view from inside, you may not want to put your outdoor kitchen in front of it.

Proximity to other features – Do you have a pool or other outside features? A pool means the possibility of many wet feet. You'll want to consider an outdoor kitchen with flooring materials that lessen the likelihood of slipping.

The same goes for tracking dirt and debris. If your outdoor activities consist of sport, then you'll want materials that are easy to clean. If there's a lot of running around or throwing, then you'll probably want the kitchen away from the activity for safety's sake.

3. Know What Kind of Appliances and Features You Need

Your appliances will dictate what you can do with your space and location. You may feel a little overwhelmed when you discover the universe of outdoor kitchen appliances available to you. They come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Knowing the measurements of your space will help you to narrow down your choices.

The appliances you choose will have a lot to do with just how much you want to utilize your outdoor kitchen. Many people are okay with just a grill and some counter space. Some others want a freezer and storage options.

You may want an outdoor kitchen that can do everything or more than your inside kitchen. You may even want a whole dining area as well.  This all points to why it's so important to know what you want out of your kitchen beforehand.

You can find out the appliances you want are too large for your space and outdoor kitchen plan. Rest assured there are many other viable options available.

While this can all help you in the preliminary stages of figuring out what you want from your outdoor kitchen, it's only the beginning. At Artisan Pools and Outdoor Living, we can take your ideas and work with you to come up with an outdoor kitchen design that will work for you and your space. Contact us today to learn more.